Rules of MultiFandomForum part 1

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Rules of MultiFandomForum part 1

Post by PupsTheMechanic32 on Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:21 pm

These are the rules of the MultiFandomForum. Stay within these rules to keep out of trouble.

1.) Be kind.

2.) No forum dating.

3.) Illegal content gets redacted, and the poster gets banned permanently.

4.) It's advised you be at least 13 to use these forums. You might see some obscene stuff before moderation catches it.

5.) Don't swear.

6.) Threats will result in a ban.

7.) Homophobia/Transphobia WILL get you banned.

8.) Insults may (Depending on the severity) get you banned.

9.) You may talk in a respectful manner.

10.) Harassment is disallowed.

Any rule violations should immediately be reported to the forum admin.


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